The board consists of twelve members, where five are substitutes and one is the president. They all  is elected at the annual meeting the 1st of August. The board has about ten metings every year.

The elected board 2021
Sofia Hoas, president, Peter Knutas vice president, Ann-Christin Wallin, Maria Kotz, Irene Annas, Mattias Jakobsson, Ing-Marie Havklint.
Substitutes: Christina Knutas, Therese Annas-Ljung, Rolf Engström, Lilian Jakobsson, Simon Jakobsson.

The post of the cashier for the association is assigned to an accounting firm from 2018 .

Other functions in the association

Lars Kotz and Åke Appelqvist.

Auditor substitute
Mikael Swensson and Johanna Larson.

Election commettee
Gunnar Kotz, Susanne Nilsson, Kerstin Mattiasson-Utas.
Gunnar Kotz convening.

Regional contacts
Stockholm: Ingegerd Hasbar and Britta Hoas
Huskvarna: Gunnar Hinas and Gunhild Herman
Malmö: Anne-Marie Persson and Mattias Henriksson-Utas

Party committee

Lilian Jakobsson, Åsa and Gunnar Kotz, Agneta Svensson, Lena Jakobsson, Maja Zarges and Susanne Nilsson.
Lilian Jakobsson convening.

The choir
Chorus master: Annica Grönhagen

Contact in Gammalsvenskby, the village in Ukraine
Sven Bjerlestam

Johanna Larson and Åke Uthas

Facebook administrator
Anneli Utas and Sofia Hoas