Svenskbygården, the community house, is a house also for meetings and can accommodate 40 seats, a preparation kitchen with porcelain. The members of the association have access to the premises at a favorable member price. Not- members can also rent the premises for celebration and socializing. A projector and speaker facility can be arranged as needed.

The drawings for the farm were made by architect Jan Utas in Visby. As a model he had a typical residential building in Gammalsvenskby. The supervisor and responsible for ongoing practical work was Gustav Kotz. Building technical assistance provided Herbert Jakobsson, Hemse, and builder Helmer Olsson, Norrlanda. The financing of the building took place with collected funds, among other ways. For example from Swedish villagers in Canada, the donated building material as well as non-profit work in a large amount of many. During the autumn of 2018, the timber were painted blue on the community house, partly for maintenance but also to imitate the colors in the village in Ukraine.

During 2013-2015, the community house was rebuilt to improve the space for a permanent museum. Two-three smaller utilized small bedrooms were removed, the stairs were moved. The kitchen was opened and walls were removed, the toilet for the disabled with shower was inserted and a large porch was built behind the canopy house. An extensive construction work with completely based on non-profit power and donations. A work that was initiated and led by Kjell Kotz, Ganthem. The renovating of the new community house was ready in 2014. There is still a meeting room for both larger and smaller companies and a permanent museum.

Since 2016 this permanent museum has been inside the community house on the first floor near the meeting room and the kitchen. On the second floor there is a library that mostly came from Gammalsvenskby in 1929. Upstairs also has a space for members to immerse themselves in all the available documentation there is.

Booking of the community house:
Susanne Nilsson
tfn: 070-734 25 94
e-mail: sanne66(at)

Facility facts:
40 chairs
Preparing kitchen with stove, microwave oven, kettle, porcelain for two-three courses, wine glasses. Picture projector, speakers amplifiers.
Two toilets where one is costumed for the disabled.
Fridge and freezer.
Porch for 10-15 people
Parking area