As a member of the association you get an interesting network and a nice community where you can participate in the activities and events that are organized. You always have the opportunity to contribute with your knowledge and efforts in the association work, as we work voluntarily.

A donation to Gammalsvenskbyn is a direct help. The association works voluntarily and has no intermediary organization that costs in administration. The Board also ensures that the help reaches old and young with the greatest needs or institutions such as retirement homes, schools and preschools.

NOTE: You always need to provide name and contact information such as address, e-mail or telephone number when paying the membership fee. Many new members or old members who change addresses that do not provide contact information on the payment of membership can not be found. If that happens that your membership payment are not identified it will be registered as a gift to the village and will result in you not receiving the membership letter sent home or other invitations. Many hours of detective work are spent finding the right person among membership payments. Keep in mind that many members have the same first and last name and it is impossible to distinguish if the contact information is not included. Thanks in advance.

Membership fees are paid annually.
SEK 150/person, children living under the age of 18   SEK 50, but maximum SEK 350/family living at the same address. Do not forget to provide your name and current address so we can reach you with a membership letter etc.

Donations within Sweden
Would you like to donate money to the association’s aid assistance in Gammalsvenskbyn,  enter any amount and mark the “Gift to the village” and your name.
Pay or deposit money on the association’s plusgiro 187879-2 or use the swish service at number: 123 437 61 41.   Always mark your deposit.

Donations from outside Sweden
Please Contact the board of the association that will help you with a deposit directly to the account. It requires IBAN and SWIFT codes. Contact them by e-mail: