Since 1991, after the Iron Curtain’s case, the association Svenskbyborna has again been able to connect with the villagers in Gammalsvenskby. The times have always been difficult in the village with grand needs. The association does not coordinate aid shipments due to the fact that it is expensive and time-consuming for the non-profit association, but at every journey that is made by the members down to the village, everyone take as much as possible.

The association’s largest assistance is to support financially with extraordinary costs for elderly and sick villagers. It is done every month by one of the trusted members who lives near by the village, Sven Bjerlestam.  Without financial support, there are many surgeons and treatments that wouldn’t take place at all. No support is given without review of the board or Sven Bjerlestam who knows everyone in the village. The support is carefully balanced and no money is given without equitable reason. The support is directly impacting on individuals in greatest need.

At a gift to the village through the association, every penny goes directly to the ones in greatest need.

By becoming a member you contribute directly to the help in the village.

By sending a donation labeled “Gift to the Village” the money goes in full to the help in the village.

Deposit money on plusgirot: 187879-2 “Gift to the village”

For donations from outside of Sweden, please contact the board for further information at e-mail: kontakt(at)